Wants, Needs, and Addicts – Should We Treat Animals Better?

Earlier I had posted about if humans were animals, but then I digressed into a tangent about a proof for God (Which I really believe in now). But I wanted to go back to the issue of animal treatment however because I believe that this is a subject that will be very important in the future of our societies.

As I mentioned in the before post, I’m a meat eater, a smoker, and a lazy mf. But what does all of that have to do with animal treatment? Wants and needs.


One day this will never be allowed…

I realized that if I want to understand why we treat animals the way we treat them. I have to look back into what I want and what I need, so then maybe I can make a general understanding of how people react in these situations.

So for myself, a want is something that you don’t need, but think you need, so you act is if you need it. A need on the other hand is something that you actually require to survive. For example, food, water, shelter, and some would say medical care. But if the threshold for need is so low, why is the world the way it is today?

I think it’s important to look at yourself in this manner. Think back to all the things that you have problems with not doing. For example, for some reason you just love orange juice so much that you have to have a glass of orange juice every day, or your days are ruined. This want to drink OJ becomes so inciting that your body feels like it’s in physical pain from the prospect of not achieving the goal.

So then perhaps the goal is where the problem lies. The goal of what we do always seems to be a logical statement. We do one thing and pop comes out the conclusion. If we do this enough times, our brain can inductively predict the outcome. When this happens, it’s my belief that this is where the mind becomes addicted. It fully well knows that the dopamine is on the way, so it starts to release dopamine before you achieve the goal. What this does however is it gives your brain a taste of what is to come, without actually doing it.

For example, you haven’t eaten all day. But then your mom calls you saying, “Dinner’s ready, I made the best pasta you’ll ever eat, it smells delicious!”. You think in your head, oh boy, I can’t wait to eat! I really need to eat. Your brain thinking that it’s about to eat the best meal ever, starts to produce small amounts of dopamine, just to get you excited. And then when you get home, you realize that it was just an illusion and that no food is there. This is where the mental to physical pain happens.



As you begin to experience this pain more often, it becomes more and more apparent that you truly want this experience, or you simply can’t live without it. A want all of the sudden turns into a need. But why do we see this as being so bad in society today? If our body naturally is okay with experiencing these things and our brain becomes happy when it experiences those things. Why is it such a bad thing?

Well I would say that experiencing wants is not a bad thing, but anything in excess will be detrimental to your health. And I think this is a law of nature, but I would have to make some scientific evidence for this law. But it’s my belief that the Truth made it this way logically to teach us a lesson. That it’s okay to do whatever we want, as long as we do it reciprocally and not excessively. What I mean by reciprocal is we should give back somehow to something giving something to us, or if we take something, we should leave something in return. And by not excessive I mean we should not take more than we leave, or do more than we need.

So if we are to apply this to today’s standards, regarding animal treatment and agriculture. It needs to change. We take and kill thousands of animals everyday, while not giving them anything in return. If we have just established that we must follow the law of reciprocal nature (You receive something important to you, so you feel you must give back), then we must give something back to the animals because we receive so much from them.

However, this situation is a lot harder than you think. While it is inhumane to treat animals the way the current agriculture business is doing, at the end of the day, it is cost efficient. And that is where the ultimate problem lies within the topic of animal cruelty. The government is not doing enough to regulate and stabilize the industry because they receive so much money from them.

US Currency is seen in this January 30,

So much value…and yet it’s just paper with faces on it…

This is how I imagine the government today: Our government is in so much debt, that it has finally dropped all of its moral values, in a ditch effort to finally live the rest of their elite lives in comfort. Thus we see the perpetuation of large companies (who support the government with funds) who simply get away from crimes against humanity. So then if the problem stems from the massive debt that the government has. What can possibly be done?

I mean our country is in so much debt, that there seems to be no more options of pouring money into our countries stability. But the fact of the matter is, people are living their lives comfortably while nothing is being done about the issue at hand. And this is in due part because of the government. And I enjoy all the comforts the government provides for me, however, if we are going to continue to eat meat, we should do it in a ethical and reciprocal manner. Just is the same when we drink alcohol or smoke. We should do it responsibly and not to impede on others.

So our addictive nature and lack of self-control all contribute to this problem as a whole. As humans we can get addicted to anything, money, cars, food, etc. It’s just the question of how do we balance our addictions, when we are already addicted? Because it seems that the only option then is a force stop and many Americans would not fly for that. So we need to find a solution in which allows for people to indulge, but at the same time think and reflect on their indulgence.

For example, myself and meat. I fully realize that I do not have the power to control where my meat comes from or how it’s treated. But what I can do is advocate for better treatment of animals in this manner publicly and try to convince others of the same. I am not giving up meat and I am in fact perpetuating their business, but I am doing so in a reciprocal manner as in I’m trying to give back anything I can to the animals. And in my case, it’s a blog.


This will end…

It’s my dream to have all agriculture under the control of the government so the government can maintain the quality and livelihood of livestock without having to worry about costs. And that is what taxes are for, we as citizens of the state, give up our money in hopes of the government making the country better. Millions of Americans believe their tax dollars are not being well spent, and it’s plain as day to see why.

I think in my next blog I’ll write about my ideal economic system. That sounds fun.



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