Quantum Mechanics – No Meaning To Life?

Okay seriously. What the f***. Quantum mechanics truly has opened up a Pandora’s box that has lead me into a world of uncertainty that is most certain. And yeah, that’s the whole point of QM, is to not make sense.


And…In English?

But I am not a math genius or a physics genius, or a genius genius so I can’t say that what I’m about to say is true. Everything that I say is speculation and I’m just some crazy theorist, okay? That being said, let’s get onto the crazy theories! Aha! Science!!!

So the general idea behind QM is the idea that there is a probability of events in which happen at any given time. For example, I could choose to write the next words I’m about to write, or I can choose to write completely different words. However, in QM when I choose to write one word, another word is in fact being denied actuality, but still happens. I know, this is really confusing and perhaps you may want to watch a documentary on QM, but assuming you know the basics of QM.

So if at any given time, I am doing one action and sub-sequentially denying another action of actualization, what happens to the other action? Who does it, or where does it go? Well QM theory would suggest that there is an infinite amount of realms in which all of the probabilities happen at once. So in a QM world, you would be doing everything at the same time, but still be able to choose what to do. That sounds pretty crazy right?

Well the more you look into the way things are related to each other, the less and less it becomes crazy. Imagine for example that I am going to eat an apple. The standard QM approach would be that the negative, I do not eat the apple, happens in another dimension. So there is a split, but then if there is a split, which one is the real me? Both. Both of them are you, but in fact the one you chose to be was the one that ate the apple. So in this sense, you have free will but the choices in which you can choose has been predetermined for you. So the act of eating the apple or not eating the apple is your choice, but one of those actions is the one you experience. That does not mean the other event did not happen however. Because only in negation of one event, does the other event occur.


Eating the apple means not eating the apple! Logic!…?

For example, it is only because you decided to eat the apple that the apple in the other dimension was not eaten. Or perhaps it is only because you decided to not eat the apple, the apple in the other dimension was eaten. Either way, both actions are taken, but one is chosen.

So where does this leave the array of different probabilities for different actions? Not just eating apples? It seems that the probabilities in this regard are infinite, just as how the universe is infinity expanding. The more we procreate, the further the universe expands. Our minds are directly linked to the universe in the sense that other dimensions are created by our minds. The more probabilities we can think of, the more dimensions we create.

So you could almost say that our actions that we choose in this life are determined already. The things we do have been set in stone for centuries. But this is not correct, because we have the choice of death, which is basically like, if you imagine an electron being thrown into space. The probability of where it will land is unknown, only until it lands is it known. So only until the electron is observed, is the location known. The same is with death, only when someone dies, can you know what fate they had.


You have to watch a documentary on it, it’s legit.

But because death is a choice, it is almost as though we always have the choice to observe at any given time. However if we choose to, we can continue on in the probability of life and the puzzle that it holds. But some may argue, “Death is not a choice, death can come upon those who do not wish it” and to that I reply, yes. Death is also not a choice. So Death is a choice and is not a choice, so which one is it? Can it not be both? For if we have multiple realms, death for our lived bodies only means life for another lived body.

I have a hypothesis that when we die, in fact that transports us into another duplicate of ourselves in another dimension but we do not have memory of our past lives. We simply continue on living as if though nothing had happened. We are always continuing on our story up until the day we naturally die of old age. Once that happens, we become one with the universe again and the cycle goes on and on with more procreation. Only through life, is the universe ever expanding.

But then comes the question of what about when we don’t naturally die? Well it would seem that the infinite universe correspondences to that. It’s a beautiful thing really if you look at it in this way because that means everyone has the chance at old age, at which point we become one with the maker. So the little baby in Africa that starved to death, is now a little baby in Africa that is doing well and going to school. The connection of their death with the probabilities of life only make this possible. In every other dimension, we die. But that is only so we can live now in this dimension.


The universe is infinitely expanding, and so are we.

It is as if we are living in a perpetual mirrored room that continues to reflect the image in which it stands, until finally it becomes no more. As our image is duplicated and enacted the probabilities are taken away, dimension by dimension. So you just escaped getting hit by a car? Damn, you just got hit by that car in another dimension. But only cause you died then, you’re alive now. Does it make sense?

It probably does not, but maybe if I say it like everything is determined by the fact that you will die. But the only way you can finally die, is if you die of old age. So it’s like the quantum gun example. If you choose to kill yourself in this dimension, in another dimension you will live. And if in that dimension you decide to kill yourself, in another you will live. So perpetually you will never die if you commit suicide. That holds true to any other method of death besides old age. For when you die of old age, what other probability of life is there?

Idk perhaps I am just going crazy from all of this QM theories. But it really resonates for me this idea that we are constantly living until we die of old age. Because there is no other reason as to why we have such a probability of life. Why do we have such a plethora of choices in our lives? Because we have the freedom to do every single one of them until we die of old age.


It’s a bit more nuanced, but you get the picture.

But then comes the issue, well if I’m never going to die, then I’ll just be crazy and take over the world with my power. But that’s not the point. Because when you die you have no memory of your past lives. You simply are living again as though you are a new person. And so what you do in this life matters. Because the purpose of life in QM (in my honest opinion) is to achieve death through old age. And how can you do that if you are hunted by other people or constantly in the face of danger? It simply is not possible.

So because QM is such a pessimistic theory, this really adds a level of theology to it. One that Einstein might have approved of. The goal of life is to get to old age, it’s as if our life is but a game in which we have to play our cards right to get to that point. So all of those evil people who killed many people and died of old age, they are with the maker now too, but all the people they killed are still living their lives happier than they were here (well cause they are alive). So perhaps this is where the idea of heaven came from? Perhaps someone thought of QM and decided that it was to be called heaven.

Elderly Indians participate in celebrations to mark Internationa

Ohhh dada, you look so happy!

So we have to work to unify our dimensions in so that our dimension becomes one where the most people die from old age. Perhaps “God” is taking a tally of which universe can get the most people to die of old age, and in the end that universe gets a participation trophy. Hurrrrayyyyy. Hahhahha. But really, the goal he wants is to have everyone’s dimensions to be unified into one dimension in which everyone can achieve happiness on this ride. So then all of those crazy people who killed a bunch of people, why do they exists? It could be perhaps that because these horrible people have simply lost their way and are confused. They don’t understand that the goal of life is to live happy while dying of old age. They may have died of old age, but they were never happy in their lives.

I guess this is why we have to get out of the state of nature, because the state of nature is simply our misguided attempt at achieving the same goal. While you can achieve the goal of dying of old age through the state of nature, it will not be a comfortable one, filled with battle and war. But if we transcend out of the state of nature, it will be a comfortable life, filled with peace and prosperity, so that everyone may die of old age. And the only people who we have to focus on is those diseased people helping them live a comfortable life.

But who knows. I am just talking out of my ass here. I don’t know much about QM just a bit. Just another one of my crazy theories…



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