Just Another Night… – What Is Truth?

I’m coming back to the topic of Truth, it really has been bothering me lately with the ongoing debates on who is right and who is wrong in the public sphere. I had a really nice discussion with a friend of mine where we got into the whole problem of how there really is no reason as to why we should conform to anyone’s truths.


Perception precedes Truth?

We all carry within us our own set of truths, or call them opinions. However, these truths are all justified by “facts”. So perhaps I need to find out what a “fact” is. It is my belief that a fact is anything that coincides with the laws of physics, logic, or math. But it is also the case that some laws of math are suppository in the case that they simply fill in suggestions that work most of the time.

So that perked my interest in going back on my notes when I took Philosophy of Science (which I still have to retake…Ombuds!!!!). There I found the Inference to the Best Explanation formula. What it means is that your conclusion is based on the best scientific and logical explanation. Well then that would make sense as to how we have such a problem today. People are finally realizing that their arguments which have been considered deductive in the eyes of so many are not quite so deductive. While at the same time the increasing number of people who realize that their arguments lie solely upon probability continue to rise. So what exactly can be done then? Are we heading to an never ending track of doom?

Probability word cloud

What are the chances that these are the chances?

Yes. Yes, we are. Because boom, in comes Quantum Mechanics. With the introduction of QM, the idea that probability makes reality has become really real. With more experiments and tests going on they are expanding the frontier in theoretical physics. From the two slit experiment to teleporting electrons QM is getting really crazy.

So let’s take an example for instance that will really make sense in this case:

Ex. The Sun will rise tomorrow.

Why is this the case? Well scientific and logical evidence points to because the Sun has never not risen, and because we are simply rotating on an axis, so it does not simply “rise” but we will eventually see it, the sun will rise tomorrow. So there is a very high probability that the sun will rise tomorrow. But why is it still a probability?

Well this is where the discrepancies get weird. You can start from having very scientific reasoning to absolutely far-fetched statements. For example, someone could counter-argue scientifically saying, “Well we know that Suns do implode when they die, what if the Sun dies while we are sleeping and it dies, that means it will not rise tomorrow” or someone could just say, “Well aliens could abduct the Sun and bam, no rising tomorrow”. In both cases, they are just a number on the endless list of probabilities.

So then how the hell do we distinguish what is okay and what is not? Well simply you can’t.


Yup…I’m right there with you buddy…

So then it seems to me that the Inference to the Best Explanation, because it has lead to so much further discovery and has been heralded as the most chosen method of scientific reasoning, is the best choice. But then if that is the case, I believe the scientific world should come out publicly saying that this is the case, because people today do not understand what makes a fact a fact by Inference to the Best Explanation.

If this misunderstanding is to be put away with, I believe that we can continue scientific endeavors  all the while stretching our minds to the limits of possibilities. Because I am not saying disregard any outlandish possibilities, because in my personal opinion that is where genius is, but to take things with a grain of salt in the hopes of becoming closer to the truth. We all want to live our lives comfortable and sometimes knowing a “fact” sucks. It’s easier for our mind to just say that’s not the case, and move on with our lives.

Or perhaps just post something on Facebook that isn’t really credible but fits your agenda. I’m guilty of doing that as well. But like I said, sometimes knowing a “fact” sucks and we try to lighten the mood with our own little variations of the truth. When in reality, it’s not possible, the probabilities of truth are limitless. And yet we have to, or we risk our very happiness that guides our social lives.


We all know what happens to people who decide their truths are the only truths…

I don’t know. It’ s late. Where is my m i n d



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