Tradition and the Future – What Is Anime?

So I recently watched a video about some misconceptions about Hayao Miyazaki and this got me thinking about older generations vs new generations. Also recently I was told by my father that I should start physically going to the library more to check out books, instead of getting all my books online. I argued, why should I physically walk there, when I can get the same exact thing where I’m at now? But then it hit me as I was watching the video on Hayao Miyazaki. I am losing touch with the world around me.


Such a wonderful and beautiful mind.

But that can’t be the case? I’m not going outside and just walking around randomly. I’m actually going out and doing legitimate things. I am not losing touch with the world, I’m simply rerouting the world straight to me. But where is that world? That world is not tangible. It’s in a tangible device, but it’s not tangible. When I look at the video on my screen what I’m looking at is reality, but not tangible reality.

So how did it get like this? Well it seems that technology being that it has reciprocal influence on us, just expands as we expand. Imagine it like this: For every human being born on this earth, technology gains .0000001% in influence. And finally at one point it will become so close to not being equal, that it will eventually overcome us. You might be sitting there thinking, that’s preposterous. But is it? We consume and digest particles daily. Why would it be so different for another thing to do so otherwise?

What makes a stone any different than a robot made up of wires and metal? Nothing, they are both just elementary particles. Supposedly not alive. So how could we say that a robot is alive? A robot is no different in influence than a rock. If the robot hurts us, we would get rid of the robot, just as if the rock hurt us, we would get rid of the rock.


They don’t look dangerous…right?

But the main difference I suppose would be that the robot takes the form of a human, more than the rock does. Imagine instead of robotics, our technology was stone. Everything that conducts electricity (in a hypothetical world) was stone, not metal. Then this would absolutely be the case. The robots would be made of stone rather than metal. Oh, then we could just compare robots to a pile of elementary metal particles. I mean anyways, you get the point?

So perhaps we have to look at the function of the robot then, compared to the function of the metal. If we have a robot, we want it to cook and clean for us. Okay, bam, done. Now if we have a chunk of let’s say Iron (Because [Fe] is what the core is made of), we want it to…become the robot! So are you catching my drift?


Thank you Marvel for making that realm a reality. Lol. 

The metal fulfills its purpose, as well as the robot fulfilling its own purpose. So what does that mean? Was the chunk of metal a robot before we made it into a robot? Or is the robot completely independent of the chunk of metal? I think for this we have to look at technology today.

Let’s take our phones for example. These are made up of different elements of metals and carbons and what not, all mashed together to make a very low entropy concept: a phone. This phone just so happens to fulfill certain wants or functions we demand out of it. Like calling your Aunt on Christmas or surfing the web on Amazon for a phone for your Aunt so you can call her on Christmas. You know, normal stuff.


Oooo shiny.

So going back to the robot taking the form of humans. That means it simply achieves the lowest level of entropy possible in my opinion. Finally it has achieved the level of entropy in which matches us. At that point it is my belief that they will act so much like us, we will not be able to tell the difference. But then comes the question, is that bad?

Is it bad that we cannot tell the difference between a person made of metal and a person made of flesh? I’m not sure. There are so many levels as to which may be violated but at the same time, we pass these metal people in the streets everyday, never knowing exactly if they are truly human or just robots walking in the street. We do not investigate them, asking them questions, making sure they bleed. So what makes us so sure?

I believe this is the same thought Descartes pondered upon in his cabin imagining the people outside his window. What made those people so certain that they were people and not automatons? Descartes loved math and robots, I think he’d have a ball on the internet with memes lol. But that is exactly the same case we are facing today as we get closer to discovered new robotics. He wanted to prove to the world that animals were simply machines and not humans in tiny little cute bodies. So what did he do? He built a robot (apparently from some sources he did).


“Quack, I even can poop!”

Now you could imagine that this robot was very elementary considering the time period. Nothing comparable to the types of robots we have today. But the sentiment is exactly the same. But now, we’ve skipped animals, and have gone straight to humans. We’ve developed new and improved skin textures to make the face look and feel real, and also have added facial expressions.

But I’m digressing so much I realized, the original question of what is anime, is supposed to tie into this. Because I think Miyazki simply wanted to use Anime as a platform to push his knowledge. Like an educational YouTube video, but making it really pretty and nice. However, this was only through hand work and thoughtful process. The way it is done today is through money money and technology. So I guess you could see the same thing with the books in libraries. Hard work and thoughtful process is becoming less and less of a thing while money money and technology is taking over the world slowly.

I guess then it is simply a choice of whether or not you want to care. If you care about the longevity of written books and libraries, than attend the library. If not then do not. There is not a right or wrong answer to this question, it simply is the fact of technology gaining influence over us. Care about the people, not about the technology.


Grandma hates technology? Don’t use it around her! Make her happy!

If we are to look into history, we propelled from mental and spoken doctrines, to written doctrines and archived history. Only now we have gotten to the next level, the internet. In which will saturate the world just as books had in the past. So I really do not see the different of books as in internet? Some might argue, “Well if I pull the plug on your internet, it’s all gone, all that information! Muhahaha!” to that I respond: Well then let me light your libraries on fire and burn your newspapers. Then what do you have for information? Nothing. Just as how I will have nothing.

But where does that leave us? A world propelling towards a dark space of spoken words? Where the doctrines of spoken word become the only thing to be understood as truth? It seems so…With ever increasing skepticism in the internet but lack of interest towards the historical, it seems we are in a game of probability.

Damn you Quantum Mechanics.

It always comes back to this. But we have to stay positive!!! Positivism! Happy philosophy!!! Aaaaand, it’s gone. So what exactly do we have left to look towards? Well, if we still want to use Anime as a platform to teach people, then the sentiment is still there. However, if we want to hold on to the traditions of the past, that is there too. There really is no right or wrong answer in this case.


Because either way it happens. Word to Books and now Internet.

We will always be moving forward, but people will always be interested in the past. As long as the human species is alive, we will continue on like this in my opinion. We will live, create, and die. To repeat ourselves, until we…When did I start writing science fiction?

Lol, anyways, anime for Miyazaki was all about teaching people the goodness of humanity and through beautiful artwork that had heart and effort in it. But what he saw with technology making anime, was the heart and effort being pulled out. Everything was becomes cheaper and easier to do.


All of his stories teach us a lesson in life.

At some level I feel jealously, I mean he had put years of his life and dedicated his hands to making these works of joy. How could someone else so easily just make hundreds of copies, with no thought about the feelings of hard work and the joy of hand drawn artwork? It makes no sense. Which is what I believe a lot of the old generation feel today. Why is it so easy for kids to just get things one click away, while they had to endure and toil the land just so you kids can enjoy those things? But hey, if its family, it’s okay, but if it’s someone else’s kids, they don’t deserve it, cause they never worked hard for it. Only my kids deserve the best and no one else.

That’s where we are at now in my opinion. This apathetic desire to only provide the best for your own family with no thought of other people. The idea that you worked so hard for your money, and yet other kids are getting things that you never had. A feeling of reverse jealousy where age becomes the factor in which held you back from achieving what kids have now through technology. Not saying that all old people feel this way, but hey, a lot do.

And it’s not wrong to feel that way. But it’s not right either. It simply is.

I think I’ll stop on that.



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