With A Fiery Passion – What Are Emotions?

Today has been a very bad day. But bad days are filled with life lessons.

Lesson #1 learned today: Stick to your responsibilities that have been given to you by other people.


That’s what happens when you make people happy, they smile!

It’s a pain. But it will work out in the long run. Why? Because it opens the door for other possibilities. When you don’t achieve the responsibilities given to you by other people, they tend to stop giving you responsibilities. That could mean just not talking to you ever again and that is not what we want in life. We want to open the door to as many possibilities so we can achieve the greatest happiness.

Lesson #2 learned today: Discussion is the best remedy.


Just talk to someone, anyone.

Literally just venting all your thoughts and words to someone helps so much. But keep in mind that they are also doing this out of their kindness, so it then becomes another realization of the other. So try not to impede on their schedule just for your benefits, you know? However, discussion is the best remedy to realizing your mistakes. With the experience under your belt, you now can ask other people of their opinions on the matter! By doing so you get closer to understanding how people feel about certain situations and that in the long run will help you employ empathy.

Lesson #3 learned today: The passions are fickle and fleeting.


Woooooosah, we’re all just star dust…

They come out of no where, and they simply just go away. At least for me that is the case. My anger never seems to last, It seems there is a level of dissipation in which happens as time progresses. The same goes with the feeling of happiness. What is prolonged happiness if there is such a thing? But also its good to note that we have to keep our passions in check when talking with other people. While it may feel we cannot control our passions, then politely excuse yourself and apologize and run to the nearest bathroom. If they are understanding they will know. Trust me.

Lesson #4 learned today: Sometimes your abstract thoughts are great, but they are not the best in certain situations.


Be mindful of the people around you.

Again, we have to keep mindful. The people around you may not want to hear your abstract thoughts. While it may be pleasing for some, it becomes a nuance for others, so just redirect it somewhere else. Like a blog!

Lesson #5 learned today: Tomorrow is always a new day……Unless you die.

Rear view of a young man waking up in bed and stretching his arm

New day, new me. Er, wait…

Which in that case, there you go.

Today has been a good day. John Scotus, God…



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