The Paradigm Has Shifted – What is Reality?

Donald Trump is now the president of the United States of America. As Thomas Kuhn would say, the “revolution” in science (politics) has begun. The anomalies all too great and noticeable, the readers all too weary to understand. With this, the paradigm shift begins into a new age. But what does this all mean?

Simple, in order to answer this question one must look back into history. One must envision themselves in Germany during the Nazi Regime rise to power. With the change of their politics and institutionalization, the paradigm for Germany had shifted into a new. Far too many anomalies were being noticed by the weary German population seeking glory and righteousness from the First World War. From this, the ashes of motivation and “revolution” began.

Now this is where we must envision ourselves. Truly inherit their feelings, their understanding, their frustrations, their justifications, and ask ourselves: if we were them, would we adhere to the paradigm shift or stand with faith against it? If we can answer this question to ourselves, we write history in itself. When faced against the evil that is evil, will one turn to the shift or stand firm against it?



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