The Theater of War

M.A.D. has ushered in the era of the Theater of War…All of these events and happenings never quite accumulate to the actual thing. We are always on edge, we are always looking for comforting moments, we are living our meager 100 lives, worrying if the next terrorist attack will hit our city…When in reality, you have maybe a couple thousand people, living in the lap of luxury, never batting an eye towards the rest of the world.

The ones who have foundationalized their philosophy in the scheme of business at the expense of others. Unless war actually does happen, we will always be living in the theater of war, actors playing out events that accumulate fear and horror, just to suppress the masses and continue their lives.

At the end of the day, the five great nations of the UN control the world and it’s policies on war making. You simply cannot go to war without the consent of the UN, and if they are the only criteria of making a just war, no one but them will ever be justified. The rewriting of history takes place as the impossibility to make history. Has the UN been doing what the League of Nations could not? Or has the 5 great nations simply created a gang like organization where they can maintain their absolute power in the global ring.

But then again, what nation would not want that? To control the whole of the globe by setting it’s precedence? Was that not the whole image behind colonization? Making civilizations out of barbarians, teaching others the way of our lands, creating an economic link between countries. All of these reasons, accumulate into the modern day we live in now. Before the UN we had real war, after the UN we now live in the theater of war…

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